Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome to the Cal-Zone


Whenever I ask Alex what he wants to eat, his first answer is almost always pizza. We run into trouble, though, because he likes to go out to a restaurant and I like to make my own. I decided that one easy way for us to each have our own pizza-type-thing was to make two calzones.


Let me tell you, learning to make my own pizza dough has changed my life. Is that too dramatic? Well, I certainly feel like a more accomplished cook, and I also feel empowered to make my own pizza creations. I didn’t develop my own recipe, though. I use Mario Batali’s, but I sub out the honey and use half whole wheat flour. I do use the wine. I love opening a bottle because the recipe calls for it.

In my calzone, you will find meatless balls (Trader Joe’s brand); sauteed mushrooms with lots of garlic; spinach; and (jarred) tomato sauce. I also included a sprinkle of red pepper flakes.

The dough didn’t get soggy, and in fact it was so crisp that I was able to eat each half with my hands. No need for that fork you see in the background.


  1. Wine in pizza dough? Ok, I'm in. I have to check out that recipe for sure!

    The calzone looks perfect, and garlic (lots of), mushroom, spinach...yum! yum! yum! topped with red pepper flakes you say?...oh yes, perfect! YUM.

  2. Great idea. I haven't had Calzones in many years.

  3. Wine makes everything better doesn't it? ;-)

    Your calzones look great, like you have been making them for years. I used to add cooked quinoa to mine to make them easier to eat (less juicy). Calzones freeze well too. I found they reheat from frozen best in the oven wrapped in aluminum foil.


  4. you can TELL the dough didnt get soggy!! it was the first thing i noticed!! i have a problem with over stuffing things...but calzones are still on my list! looks great!

  5. that's one sexy calzone, Jessica - huzzah for a tasty crust, delicious fillings, and one rock'n meal! dan always requests pizza - or wingz - or anything with potatoes. ahahahhaa. boys. jeez. ;)

  6. I'll be attempting to make my very first calzone this Wednesday. You did a great job with yours. I dread folding it up..I can only imagine how horribly wrong it can go. I don't do well with dough. Love your fillings..sounds really good!

  7. That's an interesting pizza dough recipe. I've never heard of using wine in pizza dough; but any excuse to open a bottle of wine works for me...!