Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Thanksgiving


This is a typical Thanksgiving, for me. For the past seven years or so, I’ve pretty much done small Thanksgivings, either by myself (yes, really) or just with a few other people. This year, there were four of us - my parents, Alex, and me, at my house in my tiny kitchen.

Its good when the plate is loaded with a variety of tasty eats, and this is one time of year that I don't mind my foods touching. I made many of the things my family typically enjoys, with a few changes to accommodate Alex’s requests, and of course everything was vegan. Clockwise, starting at 12:00 on the plate, we had:

  • Cornbread dressing, made with cornbread, biscuits, celery, and onion
  • Paula Deen’s corn casserole with vegan analogs (Better Than Sour Cream, Earth Balance, no cheese)
  • Broccoli Casserole with a Daiya cheeze sauce similar to what I used as the macaroni and cheeze base, with cashew cream in place of soymilk
  • Roasted sweet potatoes with maple and pecans
  • Roasted Brussles sprouts
  • Tofurkey with vegetables accompanying it during the roast (onion, carrot, celery)
  • Cranberry relish
  • Mashed potatoes, mushrooms, and mushroom gravy

All four of us enjoyed the meal. My parents even enjoyed the Tofurkey – my dad went back for seconds! I had offered to get some (pre-cooked) turkey for them, and thankfully they declined.

The cats are not enjoying the company; they’ve hidden themselves out of sight and are keeping each other warm in a bed built for one and have only come back into the open now that my folks have returned to their hotel:


I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving, or a wonderful Thursday. I’ll share the details on the Derby Pie tomorrow – it was delicious! Right now, I have a lot to be thankful for, but on a lighter note - I’m thankful I’m not a Bengals fan. Cincinnati sports teams have broken my heart one too many times.


  1. That looks great. The cats are so cute.

  2. That's a gorgeous plate of food right there! Well done!

  3. why didn't i think to make broccoli casserole?! i'm gonna have to in the coming days just to make up for missing out on it. i see those brussels, those sweet taters, the and that corn casserole - totally need to make that. nice! a small thanksgiving sounds great - we stayed home this year, it was just the two of us. 'twas nice! awwwwww, your kittehs are the cutest! i looooove black kittehs - and i love their strawberry bed! that's too cute they buddied up and layed low. ours go bonkers for company - they come out for the chance to get extra attention, which is pretty un-catlike if you ask me. they behave more like dogs. ah ha ha! glad your thanksgiving was a delicious one, Jessica! looking forward to the derby pie. w00t!

  4. WOAH! That is one plate of awesomeness! I love kittee cuddles.

  5. Look at those kitties!!!!!!! They are adorable even if they are pouting!

    Your dinner looks great. We are celebrating today so I haven't eaten my thanksgiving dinner yet but now I'm getting hungry!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Jessica! That is a very delicious looking plate.

  7. That is a delicious looking plate of food, so many goodies! I love the mashers in the middle of it all covered in gravy! Yum.

    Your kitties look really sweet in their little strawberry bed.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. That's really great of your parents to eat vegan with you. My parents have agreed to a vegan Thanksgiving a few times over the years. Otherwise I've decided I would just prefer having the day alone, too. I know a lot of people happily share a mixed table...I'm fine doing that most days, but I think I need this particular day to be my happy vegan day. Your plate looks great. Can you elaborate on your Thanksgivings alone? This was before you were married? I'm just curious.

    Btw, regarding your comment, my husband eats crazy fast, too. It's unreal.

  9. Oh, interesting question, Jenny! After I finished college, I moved to Philadelphia and it was just too far for me to go home for Thanksgiving. I was also nervous about accepting invitations to friends' homes because I was worried about what I would eat. At least once or twice, probably when I was 23 or 24, I spent the day alone. I also worked retail, so I'd be up on the next day at 3 a.m. to work, anyway.

    A mixed table doesn't really bother me if the company is good, but if I have to bring all my own food I'd rather socialize outside of meal times. Plus, Thanksgiving has always been a favorite holiday for me and I like my traditional food. (I can eat a whole green bean casserole over a few days, and love it!)

    The last two years, we haven't had done anything special for Thanksgiving, even when we were together. Last year, we were at a funeral and spent the day traveling. The year before, we were on vacation (deliberately planned around the Thanksgiving holiday) and ate at an Italian restaurant.

  10. I have to did Thanksgiving up right! That is a plate full of delicious looking and sounding food! I would have given anything to have been able to have some food like that. Everyone here though add loads of butter and other animal products to their veggies. I still enjoyed my food though. I will be better prepared next year though. :o)
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  11. I see. Thanks for elaborating. I do care about being with my family during special days. It's hard when traveling is involved because you can't take more than a dish or two, then I just end up feeling hungry and left out. This actually only started really bothering me after I had kids, and they got older. It's all very confusing for them, as well. Last year we ate a big meal then immediately drove 3 hours to my brother's house where my whole family was. We got to skip the meal but still visit.

  12. Really nice job. All those colorful veggies blockading the gravy in the middle.

  13. Wow you had so many different dishes at your Thanksgiving. Your kitties are little cuties! haha love their bed