Friday, November 5, 2010

Failure Friday

I’ve enjoyed seeing some flops on other blogs. So in thinking of what to post today, I’m going through old photos and sharing some fails that I hadn’t originally posted. Don’t worry about me, though. I’ve learned from my mistake and tonight I’m headed out to eat. I’ll tell you about it over the weekend.

What’s wrong with this photo?  Too much Daiya. Good pizza crust, good toppings, but too much Daiya. This is best when used sparingly.

How can this be fixed? Don’t try to finish the bag! Freeze leftovers for later!



Are you willing to admit to a food flop?



  1. You are soo right about the Daiya cheese...a little goes a long way. I found that out pretty much the same way you did.

    Flops? Oh yes, I have many. One fairly recent one was a barley/red wine risotto that turned into a horrible goop. I'd rather eat pizza with too much Daiya.

  2. Oh, yes, Rose certainly has the most flops on the web that I've ever seen! Have you seen her garish photos, too?? Now as for me, the flop is so far and few between. Hmm, probably only every other day or so! One I shared with Rose was pasta with fava beans and garlic. Sound good? It wasn't believe me. Yeech. By the way, we've never heard of leftover cheese in our house. :-)

  3. It doesn't look that bad and yes, I also have many ugly food pics. Sometimes I am so excited to share a recipe but hate the picture, so the recipe never gets posted. Hate when that happens!

  4. LOL BlessedMama...if you only knew...I don't post them...I must do that, you'll see!

  5. Everyone has food flops. Sometimes something will taste great but photograph horribly those are always heart breaking for me. I hate it when that happens.

    I thought Daiya was good when I first bought it but the after taste is odd somehow chemical. The first batch I bought ended up going moldy before I used it. I took that as a sign to not buy more. The ingredient list is a bit off putting too.


  6. I had a huge food flop during last year's mofo! More like disaster!

    My mom still was still finding teese from that half a year later...

  7. I learned the hard way about too much Daiya as well. My body told me to stop eating it. Unfortunately, my body never reacted that way to real cheese.

  8. oh yeah - i've used too much vegan cheeze on pizza before. it was good for a few bites and then just toooo much. my most recent failure - potato soup. i know, i know.... you're probably wondering how one royally fubbs up potato soup beyond edibility (is that even a word. ah ha ha!), well - let me tell ya. :) i sauteed the onions for too long, they got really browned up and then when blended up with potatoes for soup the whole thing just tasted like over cooked onions. gross! i hope you're enjoying your weekend, Jessica!

  9. Blessedmama, once when I made fava beans, I was so disappointed in the taste, too.

    Food flop...hmm...mine would probably involve burning something. I have terrible short term memory, and I get distracted with the kids a lot, then end up forgetting about it. I let water boil out of the pot until it's black.

  10. LOL...I know what you mean about too much Daiya...been there and done that too! The pizza still looks good though!