Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reinventing Leftovers

I typically eat a lot of leftovers. I rarely eat sandwiches or go out for lunch. But sometimes, I want something different from more of the same.

I had extra rice and portabellas from last night’s veggie roast, and also s small batch of frozen cannellini beans after I used most of them in soup last week.

Lunch: wrap with bean dip made with cannellini beans and sundried tomatoes, raw red bell pepper, carrot, lettuce, and leftover rice and corn.


Dinner: roasted asparagus and portabella cap, topped with Daiya.


This concludes your daily MoFo.


Unrelated, I took saw some deer from my window. I hope these guys are okay tonight.



  1. You have deer in your yard? Ohh they're lovely...I hope they are OK too!

    Now, back to the food...those wraps look so perfectly executed and beautiful and the fillings sound great!

    I love the asparagus/portabella stack...great idea, very pretty!

  2. Oh my goodness! You have deer in your neighborhood? I remember when I moved to my new house as a kid, there were deer, raccoons, rabbits, coyotes and so many other wild animals but the city kept expanding and they all got killed off. So sad. I hope the deers in your city are safe.
    Your burrito looks amazing! I would love to be having that for my dinner tonight!

  3. I love deer, they're so pretty. My apartment backs up to the woods, so every once in a while we get a deer wandering by too.

    Regarding the comment you left on my blog: Do you like chickpea flour? If you don't mind the taste then you should try the tofu omelets. Personally, I can't get used to the taste of chickpea flour, so I think that's what ruins it for me.

  4. Im a left over queen. Nothing is better than forgetting about deliscious leftovers, then wondering what to eat for lunch and finding something deliscious!

    On a side note, I hope the deer are ok too.I always get so nervous when I see animals outside in the city because...I dont trust other people!

  5. Your lunch wrap looks delicious. I can't believe you can see deer out of your window, I'd love that!

  6. That's a nice neighborhood you live in. Your blog has introduced me to some great grub (Fantastic World Food's Sloppy Joes) and opened my eyes to Cincinnati (I thought it would really suck there, but apparently not!).

  7. Your food looks like it's from a restaurant. Impressive work with your leftovers!

  8. That wrap looks awesome! I'm like you, I use leftovers a lot!
    That's so cool that were able to see those deer from your window. I used to see a family of 7 on my way to work a lot. I haven't seen them lately though. I hope the hunters haven't gotten them! :-(

  9. Your food looks great but the deer are my favorite. Were you able to figure out what they were watching so intently?


  10. awwww! i hope they're okay, too! we have a lot of deer around here as there is 20+ acres behind our house and part of it is wooded. julie and jasmine (the dogginses - that's "dan vernacular" for dogs) looooove trying to chase them. cracks me up every time, because the deer never seem to really care much knowing that they can easily out-run them. especially becase jasmine is 17! ah ha ha! so awesome on reinventing leftovers. that's one helluva wrap - and why have i not thought of something as glorious as a mushie topped with daiya on top of one of my favorite veggies?! i feel kinda dumb. must make soon, fo 'sho! happy almost-friday, Jessica! yay!

  11. Wow, I can't believe how brave those deer are.