Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Brunch! Breakfast Burrito!


Ever since I learned to make tofu scramble, it’s a favorite quick and easy meal. Tofu scramble might be my favorite way to eat tofu; I even like cold leftover scramble straight from the fridge. Yeah, I’ll take a fork to the leftover container and sneak a bite or two.

My burrito includes tofu scramble, spinach, mushrooms, Smart Bacon, and nacho Teese.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am loving the plethora of weekend MoFo posts.



  1. I'll eat tofu scramble cold, too. I'm a little bit like ew, why am I doing this - I don't like warm food cold...but then I keep eating more bites of it.

  2. Yum, I love tofu scramble - especially with spinach & cherry tomatoes, yum!

  3. I'm not usually a savory breakfast person, but I'd totally eat that. I love using tofu scrambles as a burrito or taco filling.

  4. Super Yum! I've got to make a breakfast burrito soon. I think my husband is addicted to that smart bacon stuff.

  5. That breakfast burrito looks soooo good. You have me wanting one bad!!! I do belive that is going to be on my menu sometime this week. :o)

  6. Oh man; I thought I was the only person who secretly loved cold tofu scramble. mmmmmmmmm.