Saturday, November 27, 2010

Restaurant: Salt of the Earth

As much I love my Thanksgiving leftovers, by Saturday lunch I was ready for a different kind of food. So, I brought home takeout from Salt of the Earth. This is one of those places that Alex loves because of some vegetarian deliciousness like their standard veggie sandwich and a special cole slaw. However, they typically have rotating vegan selections in their cold case. On this trip, I got a polenta pizza.


This dish has a thick base of sun-dried tomato polenta, and it’s topped with seasoned crumbled tofu and roasted vegetables.


Salt of the Earth is certainly more vegetarian-friendly than vegan-friendly, but the food is always superb. My parents and Alex all ordered vegetarian selections and were very happy with the food.

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  1. That sounds like something I sure would like to looks so good!

  2. Yum, sounds packed with flavor! Using polenta as a crust is a great idea...and so nice to have a take out /lunch place around where you can get tasty veggie food!

  3. Looks so good! I love eating pizza and am always trying out different recipes but I havent found a good cheeseless one yet that sticks. This looks like it could be a runner up though. I wonder if they deliver to Montreal????

  4. That pizza looks delicious! I love the idea of a polenta crust.


  5. You should work for the Cincinnati tourist board (or do you already?)

  6. Ooh! I want to try to make a polenta pizza at home! My mind gears are turning now...

  7. That polenta pizza looks amazing - perfect comfort food!