Thursday, November 11, 2010

(Red and) Green Paella and Deer Update


Way back, I don’t even remember how long, my father gave me a cookbook: The Vegetarian Little Big Book. Or maybe it’s The Little Big Vegetarian Book? That’s what Amazon is calling it. It’s a small book, but thick. And heavy. And full of gorgeous color photos.

I haven’t cooked from it in a while, but I decided to break it out and look for something new to make. This is the Green Paella, but I threw in some red bell peppers because I don’t care much for cooked green bell peppers.

This is rice cooked with saffron and tomatoes along with some vegetables, including green peas and spinach. And topped with pine nuts. This was pretty good, especially with a extra red pepper flakes!

On the deer from yesterday, I worry about them because I do live on a very busy street and people usually drive really fast – and they’re not looking for deer. I think these guys were trying to decide where to go. After they caught me looking, they went into the back yard and hung out for a good long while trying to decide which way to go. There’s a pretty steep dropoff one direction and a fence in another. I just figure they’re city deer and they know what they’re doing. They eventually found the only way out. You know I took another photo of them out back, in the shadow of the neighbor’s house.



  1. Your description of that paella is enough to make me hungry, but the photo does a good job of that too. And what a perfect plate for it.

    I hope the deer are ok, certainly the city is a dangerous place for them...I wonder if a wildlife rescue or similar could help lead them in the right direction. Poor guys, they look uncertain about the whole situation.

  2. So pretty! Aren't red peppers supposed to be healthier anyway? More easily digestible? Maybe?

    Aww...I hope they're okay.

  3. Yum, I've been wanting to make a paella for ages & yours looks great.

  4. That is a great picture of the deer that you got! I have really been trying to attract critters to my back yard with no luck. I bought critter corn too! I just want them to live in my yard, because I know they will be safe there and I will feed them. Is that weird? Haha!

  5. Wish I had some advice, but we're taking their habitat, so this is what's going to happen. The paella looks great.

  6. I agree -- I don't much care for cooked green peppers, either. Red peppers are so much tastier!

  7. The paella looks so good! I just love that pretty.
    I hope the deer make it too. They are so beautiful. I love watching them! They were all over the place when we went to the little cabin at Nathan Beford State Park a couple of weeks ago. I could have sat and watched them all day!