Tuesday, November 9, 2010

After Work Veggie Roast


This is one of those dinners that is so good and yet so simple I wonder whether I should share it. This meal came together really quickly and required minimal attention, so I was able to do other things while it cooked.

Yes, I ate white rice, made with this foolproof 12-minute method, mixed with chopped cilantro and (heated) frozen organic corn. Quickie confession #1 – when pressed for time, I eat white rice over brown. Hey, at least it’s not Minute Rice.

For vegetables, I used two portabella caps, sliced pretty thinly, and storebought cut veggies including red onions and orange, green, and red bell peppers. I also tossed in a few grape tomatoes. These guys went in the oven with a “grill” spice shake that I’ve for probably too long. It was mostly black pepper, but very good.

You know what, for $5 I did spend more than I would have if I’d chopped them myself, but it’s still cheaper (and tastier) than eating out. Quickie tip #2 – the pre-cut veggies seem overpriced, but sometimes it’s worth it if it means eating that instead of takeout, if you’re on a budget.


There you have it – my quick supper. Yet again tastier than some of the things I’m still perfecting, or trying out. I’m trying to choose which fail to share this Friday.

When you’re pressed for time, what do you eat?



  1. wow. my after dinner 'roast' is usually broccoli. no really. sometimes i just am so tired i steam some broccoli with a little lemon pepper. this is like gourmet!

  2. When I'm pressed for time I usually roast up some veggies too or make a quick stir-fry.

  3. Those peppers and mushrooms are making me hungry! I don't think you are alone in eating white rice...especially when time is of the essence. Brown rice is good, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood for it.

    When pressed for time, I usually go with pasta.

  4. That's an awesome quick supper. My quick suppers aren't near that tasty. I usually pull out a frozen veggie burger or leftovers. :o)

  5. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who occasionally resorts to white rice!

    My quickie meals usually involve sauteed veggies... or leftovers. Now *that's* the ultimate fast food!