Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Brunch: Melt

To conclude MoFo, I’ll be posting a local treasure or treat each day. I know I could have covered more than three days, but Ima start with that as my theme is the product of a little Thanksgiving-induced cooking hiatus (I’m eating the leftovers until they’re gone, and then I think I just want soup).  I used this idea as an excuse to buy several treats I’ve been meaning to try, and I can’t wait to share them. But first, let’s start with a treasure I’ve mentioned several times before.

My parents left this morning to drive back to Tennessee, but first we went out to brunch at Melt. I like Melt’s brunch, but since I’ve learned to make tofu scramble, we don’t go out for brunch very often.

The good thing about taking my folks to Melt, though, is that no one is forced to eat tofu. Two of us ordered vegan meals, one vegetarian, and one neither. We all enjoyed our food and we all chose what we wanted. My father ordered the vegan sausage and biscuits and gravy, and he was probably surprised to see that the gravy was brown, but he liked it even though he mentioned it was a little sweet.

restaurant 018

He and I seem to have similar tastes: I typically order this meal. In fact, the photo is recycled from a previous visit. You get two large, fluffy biscuits with plenty of gravy dotted with sausage pieces.

I ordered the rosemary redskin mess. This is a mess, so please trust me that it is delicious! They take roasted redskin potato wedges, seasoned with rosemary, and top them with spinach, onions, mushrooms, peppers, tofu scramble, tomato slices, and top it off with their smokey cheezy sauce. Even though this looks yellow and brown, it’s incredibly delicious.


This was a great conclusion to our food-centered weekend visit. I say food-centered, but really we had a good time. We took a little road trip to Madison, Indiana for the Candlelight Tour of Homes, we went to a concert at the Blue Wisp jazz club, and we watched plenty of football.


  1. What color is gravy in Tennessee?

    It is nice to have a place where everyone can find something they desire on the menu. The redskins in rosemary does look a little messy, but your description has me sold on it!

    Sounds like a really nice weekend. The Madison tour sounds like a nice way to have a walk and a talk on a relaxed afternoon.

  2. i'm so glad you all had such a wonderful weekend together! getting to enjoy lots of time with your family is the best - especially with all the fun times & delicious eats you all had. often times the food that doesn't photograph well is the yummiest - and your rosemary redskin mess looks awesome and sounds gloriously good. so awesome that your dad enjoyed the vegan biscuits and gravy. score! dan and i were just cooking for ourselves on thanksgiving and made just enough to have leftovers once and that was it. but i hear ya on the soup - tomorrow's gonna be soup for me, too - my digestive system needs a break. :)

  3. I've enjoyed seeing your other meals at Melt. I'll definitely hit that place up if I'm ever in the area.

  4. rosemary redskin mess, lol id order that too!! this places sounds awesome, how cool is that to find a place to make evereyone happy?? thanks for the pictures. i know what you mean about how they come out sometimes, like lots of times i dont think my food looks good but it was!!

  5. ooo, it drives me crazy when people think all veggie folks eat is tofu. it's probably the one thing i eat the least! sounds like Melt might be right up my alley.
    and i'm in f*in love with the name - rosemary redskin mess!

  6. Sounds like an awesome place to go eat. I'll have to remember that if I'm ever up that way. That rosemary redskin mess looks delish!
    Where in TN do your parents live?