Friday, April 16, 2010

Polenta, Spinach, Onion, and Cranberry

In addition to my infatuation with my new cookbook (you’ll keep hearing more about that, I promise), I’ve been bookmarking recipes online and waiting for the right time to try them. I had a really good polenta salad at Honey and was eager to try this recipe I found for Fried Polenta with Sweet Garlic Greens.


This was a really quick and simple recipe, but one that requires two pans. I actually made it as a lunch, so that shows how quick and easy it is with a prepared “tube” of polenta and some bagged baby spinach. In one pan, cook sliced red onions and garlic, then add the spinach, cranberries, and pine nuts. In the other skillet, brown slices of polenta.

I think I’m going to try cooking with polenta again. I can’t say that I really liked this mixture. The cranberry and garlic were overpowering. I think I might have to find a way to imitate one of my favorite frozen meals from Trader Joe’s – the polenta with peas and spinach. And if I can’t get the polenta to work the way I want to, I’ll at least have some yellow grits.

Can anyone suggest a good way to try polenta?

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