Sunday, April 25, 2010

Broccoli, just broccoli

Broccoli is a popular vegetable in this house. I’ll admit that I never much liked it growing up, but it’s something Alex really likes. The fresh stuff is much, much better than frozen I grew up on. Plus, it’s so easy to cook. Typically I’ll steam it in a small amount of water, but I decided to oven-roast this batch to go along with some whole-wheat penne and tomato sauce.

I left on more stem than I’d usually eat (typically I’ll save the stems for making veggie broth) and dressed only with oil, salt, and garlic. I was putting together a meal quickly, otherwise I might have left the broccoli in the oven longer. It was done, but not really browned. Still good.

I like broccoli, really, but one of my favorite vegetables is green beans. I make those less frequently as a compromise with Alex who doesn’t care for them. He doesn’t even like the skinny haricot vert. What’s your favorite vegetable?


  1. Roasted broccoli is delicious! But I think my favorite vegetable would have to be squash or fresh summer tomatoes (but only when picked in season).

  2. I like broccoli on pizza. Yum! My fave vegetable...that's a hard question. Two of my faves are tomatoes and avocados but some people consider them fruits. Sweet potatoes are pretty amazing. So is butternut squash, spinach, onions and mushrooms. Sorry, I can't pick just one!