Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Patty Interlude: Upton’s Naturals Seitan

When I heard that Park + Vine started carrying a much-lauded brand of seitan, I couldn’t wait to try it. It’s from Upton’s Naturals, a Chicago-based company that makes two flavors of seitan for retail sale and other products for food service. Park + Vine carries both the Italian sausage style as well as the chorizo style, and both come in 8-ounce packages of crumbles for $3.75.


This seitan, unlike the Morningstar frozen crumbles I’m known to use, are much more like food than imitation meat. These crumbles are made from wheat, spices, water, and soy sauce. There’s no overly processed soy protein(isolated, defatted, or extruded) that’s part of the soy controversy.

I was a little concerned at first that both packages are pre-flavored. One of my favorite things about the West Soy Seitan I buy from the major grocery store is that it’s just wheat meat, and I add my own flavoring, whether it’s sweet, buffalo, or barbecue. I wasn’t disappointed in the Upton’s flavors, though. Both of these varieties were really good.

I heated the chorizo-style with some onions and mushrooms, then served in a tortilla with lettuce, tomato, and guacamole. Yum!


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