Thursday, May 20, 2010

Speaking of a quick supper… Hurry Up!

I made pasta & veggies with Hurry Up Alfredo from Vegan Yum Yum. I had some broccoli I wanted needed to use and didn’t want to bother grocery shopping, plus I’ve eaten so much broccoli lately I could only think of one way I haven’t had it lately: with alfredo.

I boiled some water and blanched my broccoli and some carrots, then used the same water (gasp!) to boil some Trader Joe’s whole wheat penne. I also sautéed some cremini mushrooms, then tossed them all in a baking dish with the alfredo and some tomato sauce. I like it mixed.

The best part is that while this baked, I could wash the two dishes I used to boil and sauté, plus take a shower, then sit down to this and be ready for my night.


Although the vegan alfredo wasn’t like the Classico jarred stuff I used to eat, it was good in its own way. It’s made from soymilk, cashews, nutritional yeast, garlic, tahini, lemon juice, and a few more ingredients all thrown in a blender. I tried some right from the blender and some mixed with the tomato sauce because I didn’t want to commit to something sub-par. It was go-od. If you’re not convinced yet, I encourage you to click the link above (or here) because the photo over there is so much prettier than my photo.


  1. That looks great (or yum yum) and the broccoli looks so green. I must ask, though, why you always seem to have so much produce you just "must" use? I would think for you that would be a pleasure.

  2. Hey don't sell yourself short - that pasta lookes DELICIOUS! I like how it has that baked crumbly look, it's the best part of any macaroni dish! :)