Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quick & Easy Taco Night

Spring is here! I’m busier than normal with plenty of commitments after work, but I’m still trying to have some good, quick suppers.

I’ve used Fantastic World Foods sloppy joe mix before, and this was my first time using the taco mix. It’s quick and easy and vegan – just add water and the crumbles come to life and look like taco filler. I might tweak the seasoning next time as it was a little bland, or even incorporate some onions or mushrooms, but this was good for what it was. Between you and me (ssh!), I make these faux meats for Alex. I like beans, he likes the crumbles. We both eat both.


I also had a bag of frozen pinto beans in the freezer, which I thawed during the day and warmed on the stovetop with some seasoning (salt, cumin, oregano) and mashed them with a teeny bit of oil and some water. I’ve taken to making dried beans in a crock pot and dividing them into three bags.

I also used a mashed-up avocado, sliced grape tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, and home grown cilantro. Wrap all this in a soft yellow corn tortilla and you’ve got a quick and easy homemade supper.

What? Yes! I’m growing cilantro and it’s popping up quite nicely. I hope to have several home grown goodies this summer.


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  1. Yum! I heart tacos! I don't know if I've tried the Fantastic Foods taco mix, but I do love their sloppy joe mix and the falafel mix....good for quick week night dinners.