Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Philly Flyers Cheese-unsteak

By the time I got to Philadelphia, I was vegetarian, so I have never had a real Philly cheesesteak. I don’t think that bothers me at all, and I did have a vegan cheesesteak from Reading Terminal, once, so that could count. I’m not going to count it because I’m not ready to pick a fight with a bully.

By now, if you care, you know that the Philadelphia Flyers, also known as the Broad Street Bullies because of their rough playing style in the 1970s, are headed to the Stanley Cup. That’s a pretty big deal. Alex is a hockey player and big fan, so this is really special for him, and because we’ve watched so many games together, I’m not a bandwagon-jumper.

To support the Flyers, I put together some sandwiches in the style of the cheesesteak. The main ingredient is Trader Joe’s beefless strips, plus grilled sweet onions and green bell peppers. I served these on wheat buns with a smear of Vegenaise. Perfect. These TJ’s strips are not only better for me than the Morningstar variety, but they also taste better.


What’s that by the sandwich? Colcannon. I had some kale I wanted to use and some potatoes, so I made colcannon. This is made by boiling kale and green onion in almond milk and margarine until it was tender, then added to smashed potatoes. Perfect. I can’t believe I’ve only made this once. Maybe I’m not Irish, even with my red hair.


  1. Yum! I'm actually having the Philly cheezesteaks from American Vegan Kitchen for dinner tonight! I've never had a real one either...come to think of it, I've also never had "real" Memphis BBQ, which is the equivalent here of a Philly cheezesteak there. Oh well, I'm sure the vegan versions of both are way better.

  2. I have had some real Memphis barbecue. :( My daddy used to make it. Unfortunately, it's hard to recreate because he doesn't use sauce. Maybe I should try sometime, maybe if I dice some tofu small enough...