Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Veggie Patties and the Return of the Mushroom Burger

patty 021 Mushroom patty topped with some Parmesan, leaf lettuce, on a miniwich bun, with tater tots, steamed broccoli and carrots, and a few cherry tomatoes. I went for the miniwich at the store because it had the fewest ingredients and is actually whole wheat. And, no, I didn’t scrutinize the tots.

pattyRemember when I told you about finally signing up for Farm Fresh Delivery? I’ve gotten two bins so far on my bi-weekly schedule. In addition to my produce, I ordered some mushroom patties. I was able to read an ingredient list before purchasing them, but I really had no idea what I was getting for my $4.85. These are two frozen patties that are almost completely mushroom, held together with a bit of breadcrumb and seasoned lightly. Let me tell you, these guys were super tasty and well worth the price for a special treat, still being cheaper than eating out. If you care about that kind of thing.

One of my favorite favorite favorite mushroom patties comes from minutes outside the mushroom capital of the world (Kennett Square, Pennsylvania), and the restaurant there no longer serves these special patties I fell in love with and made several trips to enjoy. These frozen patties were nearly as good, and they are certainly more local than trekking to Delaware, even when I’m already in Philadelphia. Not only will I be ordering more mushroom patties, but I’m also eager to try some of their other products. I wonder what Alex would think of their ketchup, if it stands up to his beloved hfcs* Heinz.

Yes – local, as the brand indicates, but only available to me through Farm Fresh. LocalFolks Foods is from Sheridan, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis. I had to map it. I love how square everything in Indiana looks! The LocalFolks products are available in a few shops in Indiana, and after perusing the list I’m a little impressed with what those Indy people have available to them.

My only question is whether you’re limiting your brand by naming yourself “local”? I guess not, especially if you’re actually interested in being local (and sustainable, and supporting biodiversity, and all those other things).

*H1gh-fruct0se c0rn syrup. Whenever I mention this in a post, I get lots of spammy comments.

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