Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet & Sara Vegan Marshmallows

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I picked up some Sweet & Sara vegan marshmallows at a recent trip to Park + Vine, a local “general store” that only sells vegan items. The shop isn’t overtly vegan; they advertise themselves a green general store, selling some baby stuff, cookbooks, household items, a bit of clothing, and some food. They also host classes like cloth diapering and the vegan Thanksgiving class I attended last fall. What drew me back? I made another shopping trip there when I heard they had Upton’s Naturals Seitan. I'll tell you about that after I try it.

I knew they had Sweet & Sara marshmallows, and I’d heard that the company had been featured on Food Network’s Unwrapped program, but it was Alex who was drawn to the package in the store and insisted we buy the marshmallows. I can't really tell you what happened to my sweet tooth lately, but I enjoyed these as well.

We got the cinnamon pecan variety, and these guys are really good. We bought them from a refrigerator (or was it a freezer?) and the package instructs you to enjoy them at room temperature. Let me tell you, I’ve only managed to enjoy one at room temperature. I’ve needed to eat the others straight from the fridge. Alex has also been eating them at 37 degrees, and I’ve noticed that the package is nearly empty by now.

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These treats aren’t quite like the jet-puffed marshmallows that I remember, and not just because they’re dusted with cinnamon sugar and topped with pecans. They’re chewy and dense, and they have a strong vanilla flavor. I align them more with dense divinity candy, but that’s not to take away from what they are. I'm just saying that it would be wrong to melt these over sweet potatoes, that's all. These are much more enjoyable as a dessert treat on their own than any marshmallow could be. These treats are incredible for what they are. Yum!

Here’s a list of where Sweet & Sara products are currently available. Right now, in Cincinnati, you can only get them at Park + Vine. In other locations, they may be in your Whole Foods or other shop, and you can also order from the web.

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