Saturday, October 17, 2009

So maybe they were right ...

... about vegetarians just not having enough choices. I've mentioned before that I'm spoiled in surrounding myself with vegetarians and veggie-friendly folks, that I just don't go to places that don't have a good option for me, and -- probably most importantly -- I rarely find myself hungry away from home.

These past two days I've been working from the office in the Philadelphia suburbs. I'm staying at my mother in law's house on an unexpected visit. Thankfully, rather than having to take off from work, I'm able to travel into the office, but of course that presents me with the same challenges that are just a regular part of most people's lives. Waking up two hours before work to shower and commute. Actually getting dressed. Either packing a lunch or dealing with what's in the cafeteria.

Which brings me to my food-related point.

Eating in the office caf doesn't really work for vegetarians. I left for work at 6:45 a.m. (usually I'm still asleep then!), so I was hungry for the early lunch at 11 and there was a good selection out at the salad bar and I could make this more filling. Otherwise I could have gotten cheese pizza or egg salad (ick). I did remember to bring lunch the second day.

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  1. I was mostly vegetarian in college. I remember regularly eating cheese, tomato and lettuce sandwiches in the dorm cafeteria because the vegetarian options were so bad (usually the only option was a dried out black bean patty). That's also when I started my "cereal for dinner" trend.
    The sad part is, I went to school in Boulder, Colorado -- one of the vegetarian capitals of the country. I don't know why more places don't catch a clue that vegetarian food can be more than salad and cheese.