Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Restaurant: Randazzo's, or the best pizza ever

I keep suggesting to Alex that he do a guest post, but I am beginning to think that will never happen. He would write about this perfectly; I don't have the same affection for this pizza the he does, so I can't honestly describe it as enticingly. That said, I can't write off this delicious pizza as something he just has pleasant memories of enjoying. It really is good.

Randazzo's Pizza, 1826 South Street, Philadelphia

I have a vague memory of going to Randazzo's shortly after we met, Alex telling me that this is the best pizza ever and warning me not to burn my mouth on the cheese. At that point, I was probably somewhere in between disgusted at how much pizza he ate and a little nervous about reaching for a third slice. I can't say that we've gone back regularly, but we go back pretty often and it's certainly on his must-visit list when we return to Philly.

The cheese is perfect, the crust is perfect, the sauce is perfect. The cheese pizza is the best. I didn't know what "plain pizza" was until I moved to Philly, but they mean cheese. So we got a large plain and ate more of it that I'm willing to publicize. I also got a slice of veggie, which looked really good, and was probably very good, it just couldn't stand up to the legendary cheese. I don't know that this photo really gets the point across, so I'll leave you with a story that shows how special this pizza is.

Testimony: last October we were in Philly and made plans to meet up with a friend in Jersey to watch the Phillies. We were going to pick up a pizza, and this friend mentioned that there's a place near her house we can call. No... Alex insisted that we bring Randazzo's. Her dad also ate some of the pizza, and 10 months later she was calling me to get information on where to get that pizza because her dad was asking for it. As a relative newbie to Randazzo's, that's certainly my favorite story to tell about the pizza. So, again, try them if you're around!

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