Sunday, October 11, 2009

Down on the farm

Yesterday we went to a farm about half an hour north of the city, Irons Fruit Farm. I'd been searching the web for a good farm to visit to get some apples and maybe do a corn maze. Although this farm offered you to pick your own apples, we bypassed that for the large corn maze and picked up a few apples from the store. The best thing we found, though, was completely unexpected -- apple fritters.

They have a bakery and we also tried the apple cider doughnut and a fried apple pie, but those fritters were absolutely heavenly. We split one after our long walk through the corn and waited in line again to get a second one to bring home. I took this photo in the early morning light -- I'm still playing with my camera -- but it was really good this morning with some coffee. The pastry was so moist and fresh, it pulled apart revealing sweet sticky syrup and apple and cinnamon.

We had to take a hayride to the corn maze. The driver wore this hat with donkey ears and a mane. He also warned us we might have to push the trailer through the mud.

Alex punching our cards in the maze. We found all six boxes!

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