Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shepherd's Pie

I've never actually had shepherd's pie, so I have zero basis for comparison on this one. I wanted to make a casserole type thing because sometimes it's so nice to prepare all the food, then toss it in the oven for a while and use that time to relax or do other stuff. Sometimes right after I cook I'm not too hungry.

From veggie cookie

A pie of kasha and bulgar wheat with carrots, onion, and mushrooms, topped with mashed potatoes.

I used this recipe from Allrecipes because I wanted to try something made from vegetables and grains, not prepackaged meat substitute. I'm not going to spell out the recipe again here; check out the website for more information. It took a little time to prepare the buckwheat (kasha) and bulgar, but everything was pretty simple, if time consuming. I think it turned out pretty well, but next time I'll use less grain and more carrots and mushrooms. Maybe I'll toss in some peas, too. I'm not sure if those traditionally go in shepherd's pie, but I think they would be really good with the potatoes and give a little more color to the dish. The mashed potato topping was very good, and everything went well together.

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