Saturday, August 22, 2009

Salt of the Earth

Over the weekend we stopped for lunch at one of those places that isn't quite like anything else, Salt of the Earth, on Red Bank Road in Cincinnati. They don't have a website that I could find, and in searching saw a review on Yelp that mentioned that the vibe was a little "off". I can't decide whether I agree. Generally the staff is helpful and friendly, but the first time I was there I remember waiting around for help and not being sure what to do. It's part deli with cold food to go, part grocery with gourmet foods to take home if you cook, and has a small menu of sandwiches and salads. The wooden tables, ceiling fans, plants, and pantry/ wine selection make for a nice atmosphere, though, and it's certainly a nice surprise in contrast to the office park surroundings.

I almost always order the veggie sandwich. It's delicious, if not healthy, and comes with a choice of side. My husband generally gets the bleu slaw, a coleslaw with bleu cheese, but I find it too reliant on the mayonnaise. I usually opt for whatever looks good in the deli case, sometimes a bean salad, couscous, or even fruit.

Served on a plastic plate, you've got fried eggplant, roasted red pepper, fresh spinach, a Cincinnati-large portion of tangy goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette sandwiched between sweet bellagio bread. This is a super sandwich.

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