Friday, August 14, 2009

Bar food: Allyn's veggie burger

Yes, another eating out post. It's been a rough week, so I was craving some beer and fries. Allyn's Cafe serves sandwiches, "Next-Mex", a variety of meats, and salads. They also have an extensive wine and beer list and even have a wine shop for taking bottles home.

In some future visit, I'll want to try their tofu fajita wrap, and in the past I've gotten the portobello sandwich and been pleased. This visit, however, was all about the veggie burger. We both enjoy a good veggie patty, and Allyn's is good. I do appreciate a token veggie burger on a bar menu, but it's better when it's not the same frozen patty I can get at the grocery store. After
my first attempt at homemade patties in my pre-blogging days, I have an even greater appreciation for the homemade patty!

Black beans, carrots, seasoned breading, onions, spices, grilled in a patty form
with choice of fixings, chips or fries.

This is a really tasty burger. The black beans are whole and the seasoned breading seems to have a cornmeal base, so it's almost like a big hushpuppy that's not fried. I know my photo looks cheese-heavy, but it's no Cincinnati portion of cheese -- just a single slice of provolone melted over top. I tried to take a photo of the burger partway through eating it, but it didn't turn out.

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