Monday, August 3, 2009

Cooking for a group

Once a month, I help to serve dinner at the Ronald McDonald House. It's always a challenge for me to prepare a large quantity of food that the families staying in the house will appreciate without resorting to serving things that I would not buy, cook, or eat. Not only must I worry about the appeal of the dish, but I seem to have trouble with proportions in doubling or tripling recipes as well as having the equipment to carry out the feat of cooking.

Tonight, the meal is "breakfast for dinner" and I'm making a frittata recipe that I have for dinner myself sometimes. These simple ingredients come together quite nicely and this is my favorite frittata recipe of any that I've tried.

This is, in a way, another kind of cheaters food. I say that mostly because I use frozen spinach.

Spinach Frittata
12 eggs

1 package frozen spinach, thawed and drained

Mushrooms, cleaned and quartered

Cherry tomatoes, halved


Shredded Swiss cheese

When all the ingredients are prepared, saute the mushrooms for a few minutes for them to be tender. I then place them in a greased dish. Place the tomato halves on top. Sometimes I also like to use red bell pepper in place of the tomatoes. I don't
cook the bell pepper or the tomato.

Place all the eggs in a large bowl and break the yolks, mixing gently. Then add the spinach, using a fork to incorporate it with the eggs. Add the Swiss and some salt to taste -- maybe a teaspoon.

Pour the egg mixture over the mushrooms, which by now should have cooled so as not to cook the eggs on contact. Mix gently over the mushrooms and tomatoes and bake at 400F for about 30 minutes or until set. I originally wasn't sure of the timing for such a large batch, and it took longer than I expected but I made it out of the house in time.

Typically I'll adjust the recipe and use 6 or 8 eggs and eyeball the veggies. The frittata is just as good when it's reheated later.

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