Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This is not the Black Bean Burger I ate tonight

But I sure wish it was.

Actually, tonight and last night I didn’t cook. Last night I served at Ronald McDonald House and put out tons of food for “make your own subs” night. I’m still struggling with what to bring to these monthly dinners, even though I’ve been going for almost three years. I bet if I’d brought these black bean burgers, it would have been a hit (although I would be able to identify the locals hollering for sausage). My contribution was from a box – two packages of Suddenly Salad. Yes, they ate every last noodle. I also brought two cucumbers and two red onions, sliced quickly and thinly on my mandolin, my new favorite kitchen gadget.

Tonight I had a meeting at a popular chain family-style restaurant that I dislike immensely. After being our summer hiatus, our monthly meetings have resumed. We see each other pretty much once a month, and I’m new to the club and I have trouble remembering names. Almost everyone orders the same thing each month, though, so I remember Hamburger Girl, BBQ Quesadilla Girl, Chicken Tenders Girl, and our newest addition, Funnel Cake Fries Girl. I guess it’s not bad that I’m Veggie Burger Girl. You are what you eat, right?

I have no problem being veggie burger girl. In fact, I’ve long been seeking the perfect veggie patty recipe. I’ve had several I’ve liked, and this one from Veganomicon is a new favorite. It’s made with black beans, wheat gluten, bread crumbs (I used panko, it was all I had and it turned out fine), cilantro and dried spices, and some garlic and onion for good measure. I’m sure it’s a classic that I’m late on trying.

But the one that gets my vote for the absolute best so far is the bulgur burger I found on Epicurious. I think those win because not only do they have beans and bulgur, but they have walnuts and cilantro. My first attempt on those was crumbly but still delicious.

Not that I’m comparing. Oh, yes I am, but I still liked these so much you’ll see them twice.

I grilled these patties in foil over the weekend along with some thick slices of onion, broccoli spears, and red bell peppers. The patties were perfect with a healthy dose of my favorite condiment, smokey sweet barbecue sauce.

For dessert, a grilled peach.


  1. Wow! Huge bun and burger! Did you make the Onion Rolls too?

  2. I have been wanting to make some more veggie burgers. I've found several recipes that I want to try...yours looks and sounds awesome! I need to pull my Veganomicon cookbook back out! Was the grilled peach good? It sure sounds good!

    Sounds like you went out to eat with some of my friends. :o)

  3. Oh wow, how beautiful is that grilled peach! The black bean burger looks great too!

  4. I have made that bulgur burger from epicurious as well, it is a good one.

    Good for you serving at the Ronald McDonald house. What a wonderful way to give back!


  5. Those look so big and hearty. I think I always make my veggie burgers too thin because I am afraid they will fall apart. Perhaps I will just have to try this recipe, and then I'm sure they won't. I've told you this before, but again, it's wonderful that you help out that way.

  6. Funnel cake fries, girl?! Does she order a funnel cake and fries? Or are they "funnel cake fries"? I realize it's not vegan, but I'm intrigued!!

    BTW, I just awarded you the Most Versatile Blogger Award...come on over to my blog for details!

  7. What an amazingly hearty burger! I wish I could get mine to cooperate that well!

  8. Grilled peaches are AMAZING...I like the Veganomicon black bean burger, too, although I think I like the chickpea cutlets better! I would like to try that bulgur burger, though, just because it's fun to say.