Friday, September 10, 2010

Seven things, give or take

1. I like getting to know bloggers. That’s one reason I read blogs instead of just looking at recipes online or using cookbooks. That’s also why I’m playing this game. I hope I’m not flattering myself in thinking that someone might be interested.

2. With it being Friday afternoon, I’m trying not to think about work. Work is off-limits (and irrelevant) for this blog, but here’s an interesting tidbit: I hate talking on the phone, but it’s how I spend the majority of my day. I also make calls for other people that I’d be too shy to do for myself.

3. I am a wannabe gardener. I’ve grown basil and mint with great success, and this year I tried to grow tomatoes and jalapenos. I started them too late.Well, the cats ate them and then I had to restart. Twice. Here’s my first two tomatoes, which may not ripen at all:


and my first jalapeno (yes, in a container):


4. I am not really an adventurous eater, although I do like nearly all fruits and vegetables. I’ve been trying to be more open minded about some seemingly weird combinations. It took me a long time to try a green smoothie, and now I love them. Yesterday I made a blender soup from Kristen’s Raw. This includes mango, spinach, avocado, lemon juice, ginger and cardamom. Not really the kind of thing I typically eat.


5. I am a reluctant cat person. I never had a cat until a roommate got one, then left the cat with me when she moved out. Now I’ve had Athena for seven years. Thankfully, Alex truly is a cat person and takes good care of these guys. Me? I annoy Twinkie waking him up from nap time.


6. We rent our house. Right now we’re both commitment-phobic about getting a real place of our own, and we’ve moved three times in as many years. Each time, we add new necessities to our dream housing list. Now I’m adding no wood paneling (even in the basement) and good wiring.

7. In college and graduate school, I spent a lot of time learning ancient Greek. What a waste of time, but an interesting factiod. I don’t use that skill now, but it was neat to see that I picked up a book of Plato and recognized the words.


So, to pass it on… to five bloggers. This is just as difficult as coming up with my seven things! In no particular order, my Most Versatile Bloggers are:

VEGeneration, where Diana shows off her love of oatmeal (don’t roll your eyes, she makes it look good!) and her adventures around New York City as a student. Although I was vegetarian back in college, I didn’t eat nearly as well as she did. Plus she and her family have an awesome garden.

lovinlivinvegan, where Michelle documents her journey as a new vegan. I love to see her trying new things and finding foods in a small city in my home state of Tennessee. I can’t wait until she reports on her first trip to Whole Foods as a vegan!

Coffee & Sunshine, where Carissa shows off her pets as well as delicious food she whips up on the fly. She’s a passionate animal lover (yes, that’s in her bio, but I was looking for the right word – ‘cause she really is). Plus she recently moved to Nebraska. I love seeing how other people navigate cities that you wouldn’t think of as being veg-friendly.

Vegan Awakening is a blog I’ve only recently started reading, but it’s one where I started digging through the archives because I find it so interesting. Kiersten addresses some questions that come up sometimes, like when veganism is viewed as an overly restrictive diet rather than a healthy, compassionate lifestyle choice.

And that’s only four. I am super shy about these kinds of things and I don’t want to leave anyone out, but I did want to play this time. So if I didn’t mention you, it might be because you’re very open about your life already or you’re a mysterious character who frowns upon memes. Maybe you’re busy getting back to school. Here’s an offer: let me know you want to be my #5 and I’ll update this post, ok?


  1. I love how you studied Ancient Greek with no future in it to make money! I had two minors: one was the Russian language, which I teach my children. And, the other was Soviet Studies, and there's not even a Soviet Union anymore! Sheesh. I completely guessed the "mysterious" person was Shenandoah Vegan! :-) Thanks for the heads up on a couple of bloggers that I had never heard of before.

  2. Just found your blog and I LOVE it! You've got great pizazz darlin' and I'm looking forward to following your food adventures.

    xo ~

  3. Oui, Je suis tres mysterious, but at least the name of my blog is readily apparent...what the heck is 'veggie cookie' referring to? Is it a sex thing;-)

    Also, now I see we don't have the same dishes. My bowls don't have that brim.

  4. Thanks so much for the reward!!! I am excited, but what exactly do I write about? I am also a wannabe gardener. I think your plant photos are both great. I think it is so amazing that you studied Greek. How many people can actually say that? I don't think that it was a waste of time at all!

  5. Carissa, I'm sorry I wasn't clear! Seven things about yourself and decide who to pass it along to. It's probably something that got diluted as it was passed along.

    Shen, I chose my moniker in a moment of weakness. I'm not great at coming up with clever titles. Those are my "low" bowls, I also have deeper bowls with no brim.

    Welcome, S! I love connecting to new blogs.

    Teaching Russian is a great way to hang on to some of that education. I love dabbling in unprofitable things in college and beyond - there is so much to learn!

  6. Like you, I enjoy getting to know the people behind the blogs. Thanks for giving us a peak into who you are.

  7. Thanks for the award Jessica. I'm not good at telling things abbout myself, so this will be a challenge for me, but I am looking forward to it. :o) I love getting to know my fellow bloggers also.
    That is so neat that you studied Ancient Greek!
    Your tomatoes are looking good...I hope they ripen for you!
    Athena is so adorable!

  8. Nice list! I also loved the cat picture and the big foot you were getting. Ours do that too, whatever it means.

    hope you are having a nice weekend,

  9. I love your list...ancient Greek, that's a good one. I majored in philosophy, but wasn't such a purist! Though, knowing the Greek and Latin roots in English does come in handy I find.

    Your kitty is adorable.

    Sounds like you're off to a great start in gardening; it's very much a learn as you go exercise. Looks like you'll get to harvest a couple of small jalapenos...if the tomatoes are in a garden bed, stop watering them...this causes them to "stress" and they begin to ripen their tomatoes faster. Also clip of any remaining blossoms so the plant puts all its energy into the fruits already formed.

    I know that sounds mean...but the tomato plant's whole purpose in life is to offer up its ripe fruit in the hopes of disseminating its seed...alas, the tomato plant's fate is a tragic one. :D