Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Between Summer and Fall

I’m enjoying both summer squash and sweet potatoes topped with smarshmallows.


I found some really gorgeous yellow squash and fried it up along with some sweet onions, and I also made some dried black eyed peas and brown rice. I love my black eyeds with some sort of pickle or relish, Pickapeppa sauce, or both. This time I had sweet onion relish that was pretty good. Eventually, I’ll want to make my own relish for my peas.

The star of the show, though, was the creamed sweet potatoes with Dandies marshmallows on top. I baked the taters, then whipped them with some maple syrup and almond milk. The Dandies went on top for a quick blast in the broiler to make them all gooey and delicious.


I’m not waiting for Thanksgiving to enjoy a treat like this. The beginning of fall, even when it’s still in the 90s, is a perfect time for me.


  1. That sounds crazy. But in a very good way.

  2. I have always been a fan of sweet potato casserole, but I haven't tried it yet with the marshmallows on top. I don't wait until Thanksgiving or when the weather is cooler to enjoy Fall dishes either. I like Fall foods too much to not eat them all year round.

  3. I love that brand of hot sauce and haven't had any in years. Thanks for the reminder. I just added it to my grocery list.

    My meals have been a bit of summer and fall recently too. It throws me off every year when produce is just starting to change seasons.

    Hope you have a great Thursday,

  4. I love sweet potatoes! I've never thought about using maple syrup though. I will have to give that a shot the next time. Yours looks so YUMMY!! :o)

  5. It's like a potluck at your house! All random things on one plate. I am hoping to try and emulate that style.

  6. the marshmallows on top are just sooo good looking!