Thursday, September 23, 2010

Frozen Ravioli Faceoff: Soyboy vs. Rising Moon

Tonight, supper was in a hurry. For the third time this week. I had my first Italian class. How best to prepare for class? Ravioli!

Alex and I are taking the course together, and I think his jealousy was apparent when another classmate announced he’s taking the class because he has an Italian wife. Alex has me, who serves up experiments in frozen vegan ravioli. Just kidding, he never complains about what I cook. In fact, he likes it.

Screen Captures

I didn’t make both packages of frozen ravioli tonight, just the Rising Moon. I had some old photos from the Soy Boy package and decided to post them together. I know I get ideas of what kinds of packaged foods are worth trying from reading what others have to say – do you have a favorite vegan ravioli?

First up: SoyBoy. Great name, but not something I would purchase again. For as much as I complained about my own ravioli dough being too thin, these were thick and heavy. Maybe I would try another flavor; after all, we didn’t throw out any ravioli.

I got the Ravioli Verde, which is a spinach pasta with a tofu filling that is flavored with tomato and herbs. Sounds good, but wans’t great.


Maybe I would be more likely to purchase the SoyBoy if there wasn’t a much better alternative through Rising Moon Organics.

I tried the butternut squash variety and it was delicious. Perusing their website, I see they have many different ravioli options and other products, some vegan and some not, and I see several other things I’ll be looking for in my grocer’s freezer.


Looks similar, I know. Why? Ravioli or pasta along with some jarred sauce (usually Classico, Newman’s, or Trader Joe’s) and some spinach is a quick and easy fallback meal. Plus we really enjoy it. And if I’m really on top of things, some mushrooms would be a perfect addition.

Anyway, these butternut squash ravioli were incredible, even with the tomato sauce. I might try another sauce later that might be better suited to the sweet squash. And if I’m going to try the tofu-ricotta filling, I think I’ll try it from Rising Moon before I go back to SoyBoy. The second set of ravioli had a much lighter dough and the ravioli were pillowy.

Anybody have and tips other than trial and error for finding convenience products you like? How about a sample day like at the grocery store?


  1. I'm with you- Rising Moon all the way. I have had the tofu-ricotta and really liked it.

  2. I'm always searching for other brands of vegan ravioli, but these (Soy Boy & Rising Moon) appear to be the only ones. I agree, Rising Moon is far better.

  3. I love the rising moon brand. It definitely helps me out in a pinch!

  4. Thanks for the review. I haven't had either one yet.


  5. I haven't tried either. I really want to try making my own ravioli though...maybe someday soon I will have enough time to try my hand at it.
    So, are you and Alex taking an Italian cooking class?

  6. I don't think we have vegan frozen ravioli here in Germany and the dried versions mostly suck. Butternut squash sounds indeed great. Have fun with your Italian class, it's such a great language!

  7. Are you learning to speak or cook Italian? Either sounds super fun! I do like both of these kinds of ravioli. My WF only sells the Rising Moon so I don't have a detailed memory of the other, but I'm sure I liked it. Probably based on the fact I'm not always completely picky as long as it's vegan. A vegan products sample day sounds fuuun. I always want to go to one of the natural foods expos where all the latest products are unveiled!

  8. So, the consensus is Rising Moon! It was good, so I guess I can stop looking for something else.

    We are doing a language class. I'd love to do a cooking class, but I can't find one that offers anything I'd enjoy making.