Sunday, September 26, 2010


So, I took the advice offered when I talked about the last time I made mochi and made mochi waffles!

I did a little research first, though, and found some pretty awesome Japanese videos about the mochi waffle craze (they call them moffles). There are even specially made moffle makers. Of course, I thought to myself that I could use my regular waffle maker – and it worked well, but I didn’t exactly come up with moffles.

I split the mochi in half to make the strips thinner, and this was surprisingly easy. I had in mind that I’d stuff the mochi waffles as suggested in the video, but it didn’t happen. Guess you need that special moffle maker after all. My waffle maker doesn’t have hinges, so it didn’t close when I stuffed my moffles.


I used the cinnamon-raisin variety and it smelled so very good as it cooked. I paired this with a fall pear. Much of the pear was enjoyed raw, but a few slices did make it into the waffle maker. As you can see, they puffed up much more without the pear slices, but the cooked pear was delicious. The pieces were crisped on the outside and chewy inside, and I enjoyed them with a little syrup.


Even without a moffler, making mochi waffles was pretty easy. My waffle maker has an automatic beep indicating the waffle is ready, but it couldn’t judge the time of the moffles. So you might need to be smarter than your waffler to make moffles. Go ahead, I know you can do it.


  1. I don't have a waffle maker :-( hopefully soon though. Those waffles do look delish...great job!

  2. Good for you experimenting. I love making things for the first time. I think they look great.


  3. I can't even imagine what those taste like, since I have never eaten Mochi. They sure sound interesting though!