Thursday, September 9, 2010

Soupy Soba and Broccoli Stems

Is there any reason that the tastiest foods don’t make for good photos? Maybe cupcakes and pizza and fresh whole fruit pose well, but soups and pastas just don’t.

I might be making several soups in the next few days while Alex is recovering from having his wisdom teeth extracted. This soup, though, was something I wanted to do for me. (I’ve already made a big batch of mashed potatoes for him.) Plus it feels healthy after a bad week for food so far. Last night for Alex’s last meal before the oral surgery, he chose Macs Pizza Pub so I enjoyed another delicious vegan pizza and some Magic Hat #9.


This soup is made from dried mushrooms and the soaking liquid, plus all my favorite soup vegetables, like cremini slices, carrots, celery, nappa cabbage, and broccoli.

I even used the broccoli stems, which I’ve never done before. I peeled them and sliced them like carrots – they were perfect and not too tough as I had always thought. I finished off the soup with some white miso, bean sprouts, and sriracha.

How did I forget to mention the soba noodles? I was worried that these noodles would soak up all my broth and become mushy, but they were perfect soup noodes.

I wanted to make this quick as I’m headed into work for a half day today, but I’m honored to have received a Most Versatile Blogger award from Bianca and Vegan Crunk. Super! I’ll think of a few things to share about myself and a few bloggers to pass this along to soon. Can you handle the suspense?


  1. Congratulations on the award! : ]
    I love your soup pic but I agree with you, I also get more hits when I post dessert of unhealthy food..I think that's just what draws people in..we all love our junk food.
    I've been eating broccoli stems for a couple months now..I always used to throw them out until I learned they are packed with fiber and now I just steam them and add them to my salads. They're actually quite yummy!

  2. I am excited to hear about your award! I don't know what you are talking bout bad photos because that soup looks perfect! Very healthy :) I like soba noodles too .

  3. Looks like a great photo by my standards. You even have the proper utensils.

    (That bowl does look like our's! Did you buy your plates etc at Big Lots?)

  4. That photo is excellent...I think it's worthy of any cookbook or magazine. It looks delicious and it's making me hungry.

  5. No, the plates aren't from Big Lots. But now I want to see if I can find some additional matching pieces there!

    Thanks for the compliments, I am trying to be a better photographer, but soups are difficult subjects!

  6. Thanks for the award! ;) Jenny actually gave me an award earlier, but I never got around to it. I will try to remember to "accept" both in a future post.

    I used to not eat broccoli stems but recently I've stopped throwing them out. They indeed are delicious--broccoli flavor without the florets, which can get stuck in your teeth. Haha.