Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tomatillo Soup

Anybody out there know what to do with tomatillos besides make salsa verde?


I didn’t, so I searched the web. I learned that they’re sometimes called husk tomatoes, and that they are usually sticky under the green husks. I’m glad I read this, because I’ve been having some quality problems with my “Farm Fresh” Delivery. That’s sad, but at least I know when I’ve got a bad apple. I don’t know that I could tell a bad tomatillo unless it was really bad.

I found a recipe for Corn & Tomatillo Soup on the Center for Disease Control website, of all places. Evidently they’re trying to encourage us to eat more fruits and vegetables. To control disease, of course. This should really be called Corn, Green Pea, and Tomatillo Soup, because it gets a lot of its body from green peas. I checked a few other soup recipes, too, and they all seem to be variations of the same thing. Yes, they all include peas.


I pureed the tomatillos, onion, peas, and jalapeno, but I left the corn whole and threw in cilantro at the end. The recipe calls for spinach, but I figured they were just trying to throw in all the green vegetables they could, so I left that out.

This soup was good. I’ll admit I was kind of surprised because I had no idea what to expect. I used corn stock for my broth, so this soup was sweet from the green peas and corn, and the tomatillos have a tart, almost lemony, flavor. This is another good summer soup that tastes really good when it’s slightly warmed, not hot.

Are there foods you’ve never cooked? How do you approach a new ingredient?


  1. When we belonged to a CSA, I did the same thing as you -- searched the internet for a recipe. Same as you -- usually wound up making soup.

  2. That soup sounds great! What a fantastic way to use tomatillos!

  3. Your soup looks fantastic, but I've never bought tomatillos. I actually just saw them for the first time in the grocery store this past week. I kind of approach new ingredients with excitement now since I have become vegan. Seems like I am always trying something new these days. :o)

  4. A recipe at the CDC, I had no idea they had recipes. That is crazy but in a good way. The soup sounds really good.

    When I have a new ingredient I always taste it first by itself. That usually gives me an idea of what to do with it.


  5. Okay, that soup looks really good - yum! I do what you do when I either have a new ingredient or a surplus of one (like zucchini!), I search for it, and come up with ideas. Great job here!