Monday, August 16, 2010

The Animal Post

I am back home after a jaunt through Kentucky with Alex and his mother. We had a great time, some good meals, and toured a Shaker Village, Churchill Downs, and Woodford Reserve Distillery. We also chilled out and relaxed at a bed and breakfast and hung out with some animals. In going through my photos, almost all of them were of the animals.

We saw alpacas and llamas,


082 076 … lots of horses,


friendly and curious goats,

018 They couldn’t get over me petting the goats, but they came right up to me. One even wagged his tail when I scratched his back! (Is it ladylike to squat next to a goat while wearing a skirt?)

017 Not a mountain goat, but still a climber. These guys smelled just like goat cheese. Hmm…

024 Alex preferred to pet the cats,


Such a cutie. She was friendlier than my cats at home, she couldn’t get enough attention!


  1. I'm feeling llama love! They are so absolutely adorable
    Looks like fun. I love the pic of you with the goat...very cute. And, what a sweet kitty!

  2. Awww I love the pictures!! And those llamas seriously have some rockin' hairdos.

  3. Is The Food Post next? I assume Kentucky is worse than West Virginia in terms of finding any vegan grub.

    It must've been great to get to the distillery after the shaker village. Did they have free samples?

    I hope Fuzzieweena doesn't find out you were cheating on her.

  4. I think that goat got an eyefull!

  5. This is really nice! I always meant to get to tour the distilleries when I lived near KY.