Monday, August 30, 2010

Seitan Sandwiches

I feel like a real vegan cook now. Forget the quinoa salads, the tofu tacos, the frozen banana soft serve. It’s not the Tofutti cuties, flax eggs, or tempeh bacon. It’s only now that I’ve completed the initiation rite. Yes, folks, I have made homemade seitan that tastes good.

I’ve tried before and failed. I’ve failed so badly that I’m not going to link back. I’ve failed so many times that Alex has just encouraged me to keep purchasing the West Soy boxed stuff from the grocery store rather that put myself through the torture of making it at home. I’ve tried several recipes and it never quite came out right. I knew that the next time I tried, I needed a better recipe. I had my eye on the Post Punk Kitchen.

It’s probably been more than eight months since my last failure, and in the meantime I purchased Veganomicon, so I figured the baked Seitan Cutlets recipe would be just as good, and that’s what I used. I made six delicious seitan cutlets and used three of them for the Vietnamese Seitan Baguette with Savory Broth Dip from the same cookbook. It was heavenly.


The seitan is baked in broth, and then that broth is reserved and flavored with more garlic, ginger, and 5-spice, making a delicious dip along the lines of a the French Dip sandwich. The sandwich is built with seitan, cucumber, red onion, and cilantro.

030 Yes, that’s a lot of broth!

I can’t believe how much time and wheat gluten I wasted on bad seitan. Maybe I should blame myself instead of the recipes, but I had success. Eventually.

Okay, now that I’m an official member, what can I do next?


  1. I had my first seitan experience this summer. It actually came out right on my first try! (at least, I think it did) I am in love with the stuff now. Seitan Piccata (from V'Con) and BBQ seitan are 2 of my favorites.

  2. Congratulations on conquering seitan! That sandwich from Vcon is one of my all time favorites.

  3. OMG! That sandwich looks like my beloved Whole Foods Seitan Panini! I know just how great it is!

  4. I've tried the WestSoy seitan and I found it really salty... I swore that if I could, I'd make my own seitan at home. I'm impressed that you did! So exciting. :) I don't have official recipes, but have you tried ground seitan in tacos or in veggie chili? Or maybe you can skewer some with veggies and grill it?

  5. Congrats! Homemade seitan is so much better. I haven't bought the packaged kind in years. I doubt you'll ever buy it again! And that sandwich is one of my fave recipes from V-Con. I need to make it again very, very soon!

  6. Wow... that sandwich looks and sounds awesome! Don't laugh, but I haven't even had seitan yet, so I don't know what I'm missing. I have that cookbook though and have seen that recipe, but haven't tackled it yet...looks like I need to now. :o) Congrats on conquering the seitan!

  7. Oh, thanks guys. I should have started with a better recipe and then wouldn't have been bothered with all those wasted attempts.

    Michelle, seitan is really good - the first time I had any was in a restaurant, and I've never made any that was as good on my own. I'd recommend that recipe, though.