Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Tomato and Corn Soup

I bought lots of tomatoes to make another batch of my beloved smothered okra. Instead, Alex told me he would try some fried okra. So, I fried the okra, along with some green tomatoes. It’s easy enough once you go through the work of heating up a whole skillet of canola.

013Fried okra; fried green tomatoes with creamy tofu-celeriac sauce from Vegan Soul Kitchen

But what to do with all my tomatoes? Tomato soup! Soup in the summer? Even if you don’t want a hot soup in the summer, there’s no doubt that’s when you get the best tomatoes. So, I made tomato soup. And I enjoyed it.

I compared recipes from both Veganomicon and Vegan Soul Kitchen, did a bit of combining, and ended up mostly following Terry Bryant’s recipe from Vegan Soul Kitchen for Charred Plum Tomato and Sweet Corn Soup with a Kick, without the crispy okra strips he includes (I’d used up my okra!). It was time consuming, but not difficult, and it was well worth the time. This made a large batch of soup that’s good cold, straight from the fridge, or even better warmed slightly to just below room temperature.

2010-07-22 Before and after photos of my corn to corn broth and tomato halves to oven-roasted tomatoes.

This soup starts with a corn stock, made from corn cobs in water. I boiled this down while the tomatoes roasted in the oven. In my photos, you’ll see that I did not take off the tops of the tomatoes before they roasted because I figured I would remove them after they cooked. This was a mistake I hope to only make once. It was messy work getting those tops off!

The whole recipe is so simple: corn stock, roasted tomatoes with their juices, roasted garlic, onion, and the corn reserved from the cobs. It’s so fresh and delicious. The kick is from red pepper flakes and it was just spicy enough and the even the roasted tomatoes taste fresh and summery. I enjoyed mine with some cilantro.



  1. This soup!! Looks sooo refreshing and perfect for summer. I predict I'll be attempting a similar one soon :)

  2. Everything in this post is so summery! Your okra and fried tomatoes look so perfect...and that soup sounds amazing...I love the idea of corn cob stock. Also, I'm intrigued by the tofu celeriac sauce...must have been a wonderful, meal!

  3. I really like corn and tomatoes together! I bet the soup was super tasty with the fried goodies. If you have leftovers, you should chill it in the fridge and eat it cold the next day for a refreshing treat :]

  4. You are not alone. I eat soup all the time in the summer. Your soup sounds yummy! I love adding corn to tomato soups.

  5. Super gourmet! I've never made my own stock before. Is it too disgusting to use the cobs for stock after you've eaten the kernels off them?

  6. Not fair! Oh my goodness! Looks amazing! Ok, I am really going to need your help for soup recipes when I get to cold Nebraska. We don't eat much soup in the islands because it's never cold.

  7. It wouldn't bother me to save the cobs and keep them for stock even if you gnaw the corn off with your teeth. I guess you have to consider who will be eating the stock ... for this recipe, I took the kernels off with a knife and put them in the soup later. Plus, after you boil the cobs you can still compost them!

    I didn't eat any of this soup hot. I ate some when it had cooled and some straight from the fridge. I like it best cool, but not cold -- the flavors are much brighter when it's not too cold.

  8. Hmmm...maybe I'll do it and not tell Mr. SV...

  9. Yum...your soup looks delish! Oh, and fried okra and tomatoes...yumo!! I need to make some fried okra, I haven't had that in forever...