Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sloppy Joe and Lazy Sunday

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I can’t believe it’s almost Monday again, but last week flew by for me faster than any I could remember before. I guess I’ve reached that age when time starts going by too quickly.

I spent a little time this weekend cleaning for some company that will be here shortly, but I also played some bocce ball and went to the Taft Museum.

You can hardly see me there! Today was the final day of an exhibit on Pictorialism and they were encouraging visitors to bring their cameras and take some photos. I asked Alex to take a photo of me. I took a photo of my car. I got a primo parking spot!

After the musuem, I had a quick meal of sloppy joes and steamed vegetables, along with some pan-fried potatoes coming into a second life after being boiled. I use the Fantastic World Foods Sloppy Joe mix, and that’s a favorite in this house. Sometimes it’s more tomato-y, sometimes less (depending on whether I remembered to purchase extra tomatoes), but I always like to have it with grilled onions and it’s a dependable quick favorite.


On the weekends, sometimes I get the desire to make an involved meal, and other times I want to go out. As much as I like to cook, sometimes I want a break – and lately, I’ve wanted that break on Sunday nights.

Do you have a favorite quick meal, or any shortcuts to share? For me, it’s either pasta and quick veggies or something like this sloppy joe. Sometimes this kind of predictable meal is just what I need.


  1. I've never tried Fantastic Food's Sloppy Joe Mix. I swear by their Tofu Scramble mix though. When I make Sloppy Joe's I usually mix a can of Hungry Man w/a package of Boca Crumbles. I'll have to try FF's.

  2. Wow, that place looks gorgeous! My weekend was filled with sloppy joes too! I cant get enough!

  3. I've bought the Fantastic World Foods Taco Filling, and it was really good. It's supper fast for a Mexican meal like tacos or burritos. I've seen and wondered if the sloppy joe mix was good. Now I can try it since I know it is. :o)

  4. Sloppy Joe's sound like a great short cut meal. I often feel like I need a break from the kitchen during the week...our quick fix meal is usually pasta with a quick red sauce or very unimaginatively, veggie burgers.

  5. I agree with Shenandoah - that Tofu Scramble mix is one of my favorite quick meals. Other than that, it's usually a wrap or sandwich. But that's what I'd prefer eating even if I had all the time in the world. Sorry - I'm a little behind on my blog reading because we were out of town, etc. - I'm getting caught up!