Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Slow Cooking Corn Chowder

I have recently been gifted a few new cookbooks, one of which is Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker. It's chock-full of crock pot recipes that are surprisingly fresh, focusing on grains, beans, soups, and stews, with an intriguing dessert chapter. In other words, the recipes are all made with ingredients that are meant to cook slowly. Of course there are more foods that do well cooking slowly than big hunks of meat -- she has a recipe for "Not Your Mama's Pot Roast" (sorry, Mama!).

So far, I've only made one soup, and I'm worried it looks a little gray in the photograph, at least against my bright yellow place mat -- oops! Too bad you can't smell this; the chowder smelled amazing while it was cooking, and it tasted pretty fresh. Green Giant commercials have informed me that my frozen vegetables are frozen within 8 hours of being harvested, so I wouldn't expect less.

This is Winter Corn Chowder, and I made it because I happened to have all the ingredients on hand: yellow bell pepper, potato, frozen corn, celery, vegetable stock, onion. I also gave a generous splash of Pickapeppa Sauce.


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cookbook! The Perfect Hominy White Bean Chili on pg 69 is delicious, as is the cover recipe.

  2. Mmm - I have been looking for a white chili recipe without chicken. I'll have to try that one. So far I've tried several, with mixed results.