Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Product: Mycoprotien, or Quorn

I was feeling a little lazy and decided to throw together a stir fry with some fresh fun veggies I got at the international market. I bought a bag of Quorn tenders in chunks, which I'd never had before, because they were 80 cents off and I was a sucker for a bargain. Can you believe I've never tried Quorn before? I have a vegetarian friend at work who's always telling me how great it is, and I finally made the orange purchase.

I did take a look at the ingredients, and of course I immediately wondered what mycoprotein is. I checked out the website but I'm still not sure. Some kind of fungus? What can I say? It was easier and quicker than tofu, and Alex really liked the chicken-y texture. I'd buy it again. Maybe I'll ask him to buy it.

Quorn, broccoli, baby corn, onion, snow peas, red, green, & yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, onion.

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