Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tofu success! Stir fry with veggies

I know this is what you've been waiting for. I've certainly been waiting on an attempt to cook tofu that I wasn't embarrassed to share. I used to eat tofu when I was a new vegetarian, I'd crumble some in to other dishes, but I had no idea how to make it taste good. I was just trying to get some nutrients. Since then, I've had great tofu at restaurants (notably Thai and Chinese) but have never figured out how to cook it myself.

I've already posted my attempt at Thai Coconut soup with tofu and how to freeze tofu. Over the weekend Alex suggested we make a tofu stir fry at home. I had recently purchased a wok with a wedding gift certificate, and it's been sitting on top of our cabinets with the tags still on. So although his request was not unreasonable, I was certainly intimidated.

First, we cooked the cubed tofu in the wok with the teeniest bit of oil. The wok was nonstick and the pieces browned nicely after a good bit of time cooking.

Alex took charge of this because he has the patience to make sure each cube is turned evenly. Had he not wanted to leave the tofu in the wok after I told him to take it out, it never would have browned.

After the tofu was browned nicely, we took it out and put it in a separate bowl.

Then, cook the veggies in the wok. We used:

Baby corn (fresh)
Baby bella mushrooms
Canned water chestnuts, added at the end

Cook the vegetables to the desired doneness, then add back in the tofu and any sauce you use. I used something called stirfry sauce, just a bottle I chose from the grocery aisle. It was mostly soy sauce, and pretty good, but I might look for something better next time. Let me know if you have any suggestions for making sauce or a brand/ type to purchase ready made.

I might still be getting used to the wok, because it seemed to take a while to cook all the veggies. I think next time we'll start by steaming the baby corn, or at least slicing it into thirds. But this was very, very good. I served with rice, which by now I am very comfortable cooking on the stovetop.

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