Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alex's soup

I asked Alex to write a guest post about his soup, but either he's shy or actually doesn't have time, so I will share this for him. First of all, he lauds the healing properties of clear soup and claims that the vegetable soup from Asiana even cured a headache he didn't even have. So we decided to try to make something similar at home. After Oktoberfest, we were both overstuffed and hungry for actual nourishment, and he suggested stopping by to get some soup. Instead, we went home and made broth from powder and added some broccoli and celery we had on hand.

Last night, he attempted this soup again and stepped it up a notch. I was not allowed in the kitchen. He also got take out sushi from Bangkok Bistro. Now, I'm not going to say it's the best sushi around, but at least they have several vegetarian rolls. We got an avocado roll, tamago (egg) roll, and their vegetable roll. Together with a large serving of soup, this was a great supper.

For the soup, he used Seitenbacher brand broth powder, which is all-natural, vegan, and quite tasty. He added white mushrooms, a couple of shiitakes, celery, napa cabbage, baby corn, carrots, and scallions. And a pat of butter. It was really, really good. And so easy.

So, what's next? Trying to make our own sushi. I've done it before, but not well. Maybe I'm ready for another go.

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