Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Michelle Obama's Spinach

The time has come for us to enjoy a dish I've already blogged about. Alex asked me what I was going to do when I fixed portobello parmesan for supper the other night; of course I figure that unless I improve a recipe or have something new to say about it, I wouldn't post.

Let me tell you about the side dish we had with the portobellos, along with a green salad and some angel hair (of course prepared in my newfound quick-boil energy conserving method). I did a quick web search for "healthy creamed spinach." To my astonishment, the first several results were all about a recipe Michelle Obama shared with the New York Times last March. I have no idea why I'd not heard about this, as evidently it was quite a splash.

So, I tried it. This was very, very good. I've never made creamed spinach before, and I've never used shallots. I found a couple of variations on the web, but I just cooked two chopped garlic cloves and a couple of diced shallots in olive oil, then I added a bag of fresh spinach and cooked for about a minute, then covered it and turned off the burner. After it wilted, I put everything in the blender with a little salt and pureed. Of course it was a little watery, so I strained it.

Of note: spinach is on the "dirty dozen" list of foods most contaminated by pesticides, so take Mrs. Obama's advice to buy organic.

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