Monday, August 29, 2011

Rejected Giveaway Ideas

I tossed around a few different ideas for my first giveaway. I could have taken advantage of an email offer I got about this, that, or the other. Or, now that I’m actually in pantry clearing mode, I could have offered up two cans of pumpkin. You know in a month or two people will be talking about hoarding them and buying the stores out!

photo (6)

Look – it’s best by July 27, 2013! Don’t worry, I made Pumpkin Curry and used up both cans last night. (Confusing recipe, but really tasty – made with lentils, onion, and coconut! I just still can’t figure out how much water to use once you “add remaining water” – but it worked.)

photo (8)

One idea that I almost used – a cookbook giveaway. I have a feeling that there might be people out there who would enjoy one of my cookbooks more than I do. Now, I’m not naming names, but there might be one or two that didn’t live up to the hype. Then I remembered how much respect I have for my readers… and so I passed on that one. I took it a step further and considered letting the winner choose a cookbook, and then I’d buy two copies – one for you and one for me. But that just felt like I wasn’t actually doing the work.

In the end, I decided it might be fun to share some local peculiarities. So, congrats to …


Isobelle of VGANJAR! Number one won! I need to shop for one perishable item once I hear from you, and then off in the mail it goes!


  1. The pumpkin curry sounds interesting, a little weird, but you can't go wrong with pumpkin & coconut. Congrats to Vganjar!

  2. Oooh, how fun. Congrats to the winner. Wonder what cookbook I would have picked? Now, we'll never know. Sniff.

  3. I've never had pumpkin curry...sounds good though!
    Congrats to Vganjar! :o)

  4. Haha, I kind of like the pumpkin giveaway idea. It's so true that soon there will be NO pumpkin in the stores. People go nuts!

  5. What? No pumpkin prizes? Not even as consolation for us losers??

    Haha, j/k and big congrats to Vganjar!

    The curry sounds interesting and sure looks creamy and full of flavor.

  6. I'll save my bitterness till I see what Isotope won.

  7. Oh, bummer, I read your last post and clicked on it to comment...then I'm pretty sure I got called away from the computer and never came back. So I missed a giveaway! Congrats to Isobelle.

  8. Pumpkin curry sounds awesome! I cannot wait to start stocking up on cans. Will we see what you're sending Isobelle?

  9. Can't help wonder which cookbooks weren't your cup of tea!