Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zucchini and tater cakes

I won a copy of Quick and Easy Vegan Celebrations from Food Feud and have been flipping through it, trying to choose my first recipe to make from it. I settled on “Red Potato Cakes with Tomato and Wilted Spinach” from the St. Patrick’s Day section. But since it’s made with green and yellow squash and recommended to be served with a roasted tomato slice, it’s perfect for summer.


I had my doubts about this recipe, but it turned out really well. These little cakes were made with cooked potato, raw zucchini, and soymilk – then pan-fried. With so few ingredients and chunks of raw zuke, I wasn’t sure they would turn out. But they did. I used two zucchinis and left out the suggested yellow squash. My mixture was a little wet, so I tossed in some cornmeal to help hold the cakes together. These guys turned out really well!


The serving suggestion was to put the cake on cooked spinach and top with a slice of tomato. I roasted my huge, heart-shaped tomato briefly under the broiler and served it on the side, along with some tofu scramble and collard greens.

Let me tell you, these little cakes were great straight out of the fridge the next day, too.


  1. Wow, looks good! You can see they came out as perfect patties, and those chunks of zucchini...I imagine they have a perfect texture being cooked like that.

    I agree that summer squash and tomato seems much for a propos for summer than Paddy's day.

    Beautiful plate of food!

  2. Those do look like they came out perfectly and balance everything else so well. Awesome tomato too - I can't believe you didn't cut it like that!

  3. Heart shaped tomato?! Love love love it! And the zuke & tater cakes look perfect--I'm definitely going to steal that idea soon :)

  4. I want that tomato right now!!

  5. I agree with Shen...that's a beautiful plate of food, and the zuke cakes sound awesome!
    I so love that heart shaped tomato!

  6. Those look really good. And I'm definitely having heart shaped tomatoes around here sometime!

  7. What a great photo at the top. I love it when a recipe turns out well. Those patties look scrumptious.