Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Local Goods

The best things in Cincinnati: Grippo’s potato chips, LaRosa’s pizza, and Gold Star Chili. That is, if you were born here.


For the purposes of the goodie box, I expanded my definition of local. Too bad I couldn’t include some of my favorite things, like the finally veganized Belgian waffles (apparently out of production!), or un-shippable frozen treats like Five Star Foodies burgers or PhroZen ice cream, or something made by Fab Ferments.


Here’s what the lucky winner got. The rest of you, if you choose to accept, will get to see my final days in Cincinnati as I do my best to enjoy everything I can until I leave.


You see, the Gold Star has made an appearance! I actually ate it, once. Also included is Bourbon Barrel Foods worcestershire sauce, Kentucky bourbon barrel ale, and my favorite ketchup, which is actually from Indiana. I will be bringing several bottles of that with me when I move, and I might just have to try to make my own ketchup if I run out.


I’ll leave you with something possibly symbolic: the Phillies beat the Reds for four games straight. We went to one, and it was slow and boring. The best part, though, was being able to park (for free) on the street a few blocks away, being given free tickets by a nice guy who had extras (I totally thought they were fake, but no), and, after deciding to leave early, being able to drive home in 10 minutes and watch the end of the game on television. For a minute, it looked like Cincinnati was coming back, but in the end, Philadelphia won.


  1. Now I don't feel so bad I lost the giveaway.

  2. Cincinnati sounds like a really nice place. I think a "local" giveaway was a great idea - I love to see things like that; hell, I even like to see what two grocery stores 5 blocks away have different from one another.
    I hope you enjoyed your time there and I expect to see you living it up to the end!

  3. Good idea for your giveaway. I always get so jealous looking at what other people got from their local shops, mine are very poor round here!

    Got my beady eye on that Kentucky Ale sauce...


  4. Wow, that ketchup looks enticing! I had no idea there were gourmet ketchups out there. I'll have to search for something like that around here.

  5. Philly's been on a crazy streak this that you were able to go to a game!

    The local foods look great--I need to get on some Cincinnati-style vegan chili this year. Throw it on some noodles :)

  6. So, I get the idea that you're implying the native locals' favs are a little overrated? It's fun to see products from other parts of the country, stuff we don't get around here. The frozen stuff all sound great, (bummer that vegan belgian waffles are out of production). I think the giveaway selection is a nice mix; I really like the sound of that ale. Hope you don't have to ship it too far though, sounds like it'll be a heavy package.

  7. Awesome giveaway goods! I think local things are great. It gives people a little taste of what you get to experience. :o)
    I can't wait to visit Cincinnati next summer. :o)
    Good luck with the move. I hope you have lots of help!

  8. OH, I didn't notice the Ale. That is pretty cool.

  9. I like that you are soaking in your last days in Cincinnati. It makes me think about what I'd want to do around here, if we were getting ready to move. There isn't a single place I'd feel like I needed to eat at before we left... :(