Monday, August 8, 2011

Summertime is Grillintime

I love grilled vegetables. When Alex and I moved out of apartments, I bought a cheap gas grill to celebrate, like a housewarming thing. For me. And it’s just perfect for summer vegetables.


Everything I grill is my favorite. I love corn, portabellas, onions, and bell peppers. Yellow squash and zucchini are good, too. And I have okra coming in my farm bin Wednesday – it’s going on the grill, and it’s all mine.

Typically, I’ll cut the veg into chunks, toss it in some canola, and season with one of those shakers with a variety of pre-mixed seasonings. It’s my shortcut – I’m not endorsing it, and I can’t remember when or why I bought it. Sometimes, though, I plan a meal.


I recently grilled kale, sweet potatoes, and Field Roast smoked apple sage sausages. I love sweet potatoes and kale together, and grilling them worked really well. I used these instructions for pre-cooking and seasoning the sweet potatoes, and I just rubbed the kale with canola and put it right on the grill.


Some of it got a little charred, but that’s okay. It was delicious.

I bought one of those vegetable trays for my grill, and I just take it inside and scrub it after each use. It’s been in heavy rotation this summer.

In other news, I’m still waiting to hear back on the job, and honestly that’s been all I can think about lately. Sometimes I try to think about what to do for my first give-away, and here’s the problem: I learned so much about how to eat by blogging and “meeting” other bloggers. Seriously. I was eating tofu and black beans and had no idea what to do way back when. So what can give my teachers? A “best teacher” coffee mug? I am going to make a decision this week – promise. And a night with my wall-scaler Alex is still a possibility.


  1. I would be so stoked to be done with apartments and have a yard and some real space; a grill sounds like the perfect gift for yourself, and something utile too! Love the grilled chard idea, that's pretty unusual.

  2. Wow, grilled kale and sweet potatoes! Sounds excellent. I haven't seen grilled kale before, very novel.

    All your grilled veggie dinners are a perfect way to make the most of summer produce!

    Hope you hear about the job soon...waiting to find out about something like that is tough.

  3. Grilled Kale?! You should get hired for that idea alone!

    Hmmm...a 'Best Teacher' mug or some guy hanging off the gutters...which would I want????

  4. Grilled kale is **genius**--I'm going to have to try that ASAP! Summertime is definitely grill time; I've got to up the ante while it's still summer though!

  5. Your grilled veggies look so good and grilled kale? I would have never though of that, but it sounds fantastic. That is a must try for me!

  6. Hey, I'm with all the others - kudos on the grilled kale. I would have thought it would have scrunched all up, but it looks great! Grilled veggies are awesome!

  7. Yes, you should all try grilling your kale! It held up really well. I grilled okra a few days ago, too ... pics to come (maybe).