Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Squash and Beans


Remember when I cooked buttercup squash and adzuki beans with very little seasoning? This time I kicked it up a notch.

I made Maple Glazed Winter Squash with Garlic and Ginger from Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker. I actually threw this together during work and didn’t have an onion, so this was made with garlic, ginger, acorn squash, water and tamari topped with maple syrup and then slow cooked for a few hours. For sides, I made some adzuki beans and red quinoa. The specks you see on the squash are black pepper. The squash was sweet, hot from the ginger, and absolutely delicious. I think I used more ginger and less sugar than the recipe specifications – and it turned out well.

I like how cooking one acorn squash didn’t give us much more than two servings, and the red beans and red quinoa were kind of neat too, in keeping with the same colors. Even Alex enjoyed the beans; typically, he says he doesn’t like beans, so this is a big surprise.

I do agree the uncooked adzuki look much more attractive than the cooked beans. They lose their little white zipper when cooked. Is this meal too red and orange? Especially on the yellow plate? I don’t care. This was good.


  1. Those colors are so pretty together. I'm obsessed with winter squashes and quinoa. I haven't cooked azuki beans in a while...thanks for the reminder :)

  2. I think the colors look rich and yummy together. I know what you mean about the adzuki beans...I was disappointed the first time I cooked with them too...they're so cute pre-cooked.

    I can imagine eating this with lots of hot sauce. Looks so satisfying.

  3. I was planning to make something exactly like this except with Kidney Beans.

  4. I haven't had adzuki beans yet...I can't seem to find them anywhere. Is "Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker" a good cookbook? I have it down as one that I would like to buy. The squash and beans sure do look good!

  5. Mmm, what a perfect fall meal. Love red quinoa, even though it doesn't taste any different. :)