Monday, October 11, 2010

Must-Try Scalloped Potatoes

This is another recipe straight from a blog to my plate, courtesy of Tofu Mom. This recipe for vegan scalloped potatoes with lots of garlic looked like something I needed to try!


This dish is brought to you by my impulsively purchased OXO mandolin. I love it, even though it sliced my thumb the first time I used it.


This made short work of slicing my taters. Off they go into a sauce of blended cashews, silken tofu, milk, and garlic and other seasonings!


After baking in the oven, this dish is browned on top and full of thick, creamy, saucy goodness. We enjoyed the mild flavor of the scalloped potatoes along with some balsamic roasted green beans, red onion, orange tomato and a (brown) portabella to round things out.

This is my kind of meat and potatoes.


  1. Mmm... I love scalloped potatoes. I've made the Veganomicon recipe many, many times.

    Does your Oxo slicer have a hand guard?

  2. That's why I wont buy a mandolin. I'll check out the recipe, thanks!

  3. Oh dear, I shouldn't have let it out that I got cut. I was slicing a cucumber and I thought it was long enough that my fingers would be far from the blade. It got shorter very, very quickly!

    Now I use the food guard. And I love it!

  4. Ouch, sorry to hear about your cut. I have done things like that a time or two myself. Mandolines can be dangerous. I need to pick up one of those metal mesh gloves. If I try one I will let you know how well they work.


  5. I'll definitely be trying that recipe soon. I tried the scalloped potato recipe in The Vegan Table not too long ago, but it was disappointing. You are brave to buy a mandoline. I am afraid of those things.

  6. Those potatoes look delicious!!! I'll have to check the recipe out!
    That's why my hubby uses our mandolin, with or without the guard. :o) I zested my thumb the other day. The ginger root got very short and then slipped thumb took it' place. :-(

  7. Those potatoes do look super yum.

    I have a mandoline, but I rarely use it, it's the kind that you have to set up. I think I would use it more often if I had the OXO one like yours.

  8. i need to get a mandolin slicer ASAP! i so need to try making scalloped potatoes!!! <3

  9. Those look really amazing! I also love scalloped potatoes.