Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I can’t blame you if you’re jealous

I took part in the care package swap through Cook. Vegan. Lover. and I got the best partner. This was my first care package swap, and I was looking forward to gathering up some favorite treats and sending them off. But the package I received in return, from Jodie at The Picky Vegan, was beyond incredible.

Just look.


There is so much goodness here, it’s hard to see everything!

She sent some awesome vidalia mustard and blackberry jam, some pure maple candies, mulling spices, and handmade pomegranate acai chocolates, perfect for fall. Alex saw me eating one of the three delicate shell-shaped maple candies and I offered him a tiny bite. He said no thanks, he’d have a candy later, and I had to let him know that he would not be having a candy later. I hid the other two for myself. However, he did eat half the sweet potato chips while I was at work today. Of course, this means I had to finish the bag when I found it open! Delicious!

There’s also a peanut butter and jelly Clif bar that was very tasty (enjoyed Saturday morning while walking downtown to Books by the Banks), oatmeal, coconut water, powdered protein shakes, pumpkin seeds, a lime ginger fruit leather I can’t wait to try, a raw cherry pie treat, a gigantic oatmeal cookie, and snapea crisps (yes they are open in the photo).


No, I’m not done yet. She also sent me pomegranate herbal tea and maple stroopwafels! I ate more stroopwafels than a person should as a student in Belgium, and I’m excited to try these maple ones. Finally, there’s pomegranate lotion, essential oil towelettes, and a candle.

Thank you Jodie!


  1. Dang! That is a lot of stuff! Good thing she sent the towlettes to mop up after yourself.

  2. Looks a little like Christmas in October at your place. :-)


  3. That is a mother load! What a fun swap. I love the sound of the vidalia mustard and those waffles.

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  5. Sorry, somehow my comment showed up twice, so I deleted the dupe :$

  6. Wow...looks like you got a lot of awesome goodies! I probably would have ended up sick that night, because I would have had to eat a little of everything. :o)

  7. Wow, what a great package! So much amazing stuff!

  8. Wow! Check out all the vegan loot!