Thursday, January 21, 2010

Apple-Banana Bread

I was craving some good banana bread in a really serious way lately, and I searched for more recipes online for another vegan version. The one I made before was delicious, and as I see the photo again it looks better than this attempt, but I was ready to give a different recipe a shot. I tried this recipe for vegan apple-banana bread, and as you can see in the comments, people say this was actually copied from The Post Punk Kitchen and apples were added. These are the reasons I have stopped posting other people’s recipes in full (even when I give them credit).

Soup 018

I was drawn to this recipe because of the chopped fresh apples, and they truly were an incredible addition to the bread. In all honestly, I didn’t follow this recipe exactly, partially intentionally and partially not. Alex wanted to use my computer, so I quickly copied the recipe on a junk mail envelope and somehow omitted two important ingredients – the melted soy margarine and baking soda! The bread was a little dry and chewy straight from the oven, but the piece I ate today reheated in the microwave was delicious. The intentional changes I made were simple and things I usually do: substitute whole wheat flour for half the white flour, and add pecans.

I’ve gotten my fill of banana bread for now, but the when I’m ready for more, I think I’ll try this recipe again – the way it was written!

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