Monday, January 18, 2010

Restaurant: It’s Just Crepes

Over the weekend, I was really eager to get out of the house. Alex had mentioned hearing about a crepes place he wanted to try, and I didn’t need any convincing. Typically in this town, restaurants downtown cater to the working lunch, so whenever we go downtown on the weekends or at night, a lot of things are closed. (But there is plentiful street parking and cheap meters! Yay!)

crepes 005 39 East Court Street

I was pleasantly surprised to see that It’s Just Crepes was open for lunch on the weekends (they are open 9-7 on Saturday and 9-3 on Sunday). We were there at almost 2 on Saturday and they were pretty busy. Busy, but also efficient and friendly.

There are four hot plates up front, and on my visit there were two crepe makers attending them, each making up to two crepes at once. We ordered, saw our crepes get started, then paid and sat down and waited for our lunches to be brought to us. There were no numbers – the friendly girl who took our money remembered who ordered what. She did better than most waiters do; she brought my crepe to me and Alex’s to him without having to “auction” it off by name to see who wanted which. Impressive.

crepes 002 Mediterranean, $4.99 daily special

I ordered the Mediterranean, which happened to the be the daily special, so it was 50-cents off. This was a crepe stuffed with feta crumbles, green bell peppers, olives, tomatoes, and a balsamic vinaigrette. The crepes are folded in half, then in half again, making a sort of sandwich wrapped in paper and with its end in a paper water cup (or sno-cone cup). They have a sign to warn you, and, indeed, the crepes come out hot! Fresh and delicious.

crepes 004 Vegetarian, $5.49

They have several vegetarian options, plus a full slate of dessert crepes, and they are willing to make substitutions. Alex ordered the creped called the Vegetarian, which includes cheddar, green bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

We both enjoyed our crepes and even talked about getting a dessert one to share, but we were both too stuffed. The crepe itself was different than what I’ve had before. My guess is that they use the same batter for both savory and sweet crepes and don’t use the buckwheat batter I’ve had at Beau Monde. These were wheaty and chewy and towards the bottom where the folds meet, thick.

We’ll be back, I’m certain. Not only did we start a crepes card (buy nine, get one free), but the restaurant is two blocks from the library and we have books due in three weeks. Sounds like a perfect time for more crepes!

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