Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Update


I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I just wanted to post a few photos here, the first being the goodies I picked up from the farmers’ market this morning. Lots of good things are coming this week! But the heat is back; I was shopping at 9:30 this morning and it was already hot. I think being in an asphalt parking lot didn’t help. No wonder we need air conditioning when we replace our trees with black pavement! I’m headed to an outdoor concert tonight, and I’m already dreading the heat.


I also saw a deer in our backyard this morning and took a few photos. Here she is in our neighbor’s yard (we don’t have a fence on this side). Now, I do live in Ohio but I live in the city and I always get uncomfortable when I see the deer out here.

If you don’t already read Vegan Crunk, you should. Check it out now and enter a giveaway for soap nuts. Once you find out what they are, you’ll want them.


  1. Okra & Eggplant! Not my bag! Pretty deer though, hope she stays okay.

  2. Love your veggies! I just grabbed some at a road side stand today myself. That deer in the backyard is awesome too! I love deer! I hope to maybe have one one day if I move to the mainland.

  3. Those veggies are gorgeous! And deer are so sweet; I hope she gets on ok too.

  4. Those fhresh okras look really good! Deers in the city don't sound like a good idea. I also hope she'll stay okay.

  5. Oh! I know what you mean about the deer! I get nervous when I see alot of animals running around here because Im right in the city. I hope the deer is ok!

  6. I had a pretty good weekend too y'all. First I went down to the A&P and got myself some hohos and some twinkies and some ding dongs and some twizzlers and some juju bees and some marshmallows and some oreos and some lollipops and some caramels and some slim fast. Then I came home and laid right in front of that air conditioner cause these summer heats. Then I fell asleep. Then woke up and went out with my girl Toon to Club Skintrax. Then Sunday and went to church.